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Which Firearm Parts are Ideal for 3D Printing?

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How does 3D printing impact manufacturing in the firearms industry?

You have probably heard that metal 3D printing is starting to change the game for manufacturing in firearms. With rapid iteration, no tooling costs, and design freedom, firearms manufacturers can launch better products much faster when compared to traditional processes like metal injection molding (MIM) and CNC machining.

The limitations of long lead times and high up front costs with traditional manufacturing inhibit product innovation. 3DEO, a metal 3D printing company in Los Angeles, is leading the charge and driving metal 3D printing into mass production with its patented Intelligent Layering®️ technology. There is no tooling, low up front costs, and rapid iterations. 3DEO allows you to easily and quickly scale metal 3D printing into high volumes at cost-competitive rates.


Which types of parts are ideal for metal 3D printing?

In general, the smaller the part the more cost competitive it will be with traditional manufacturing. Conversely, the larger the part, the more expensive it will be to 3D print. 3DEO specializes in stainless steel parts that are one to three cubic inches in size, especially those with complex geometries like internal features, holes, or undercuts. 

A great example of these types of parts can be found in the fire control group (FCG). Most of these parts are small and complex, and very conducive to metal 3D printing.


What are some examples of the parts 3DEO produces in mass volumes?

3DEO currently produces parts for pistols, bolt action rifles, and semi-automatic rifles, including:

  • FCG: Disconnector, Sear, Hammer, Trigger
  • Pistol: Extractor, Magazine Catch, Ejector, Firing Pin Stop, Sights
  • Bolt action rifle: Bolt Release, Bolt Stop, Sights, Plungers, Ejector, Sights
  • Semi-auto rifle: Trigger components, Disconnector

Because these parts are made of 17-4 PH stainless steel and have over 99.5% material density, these parts perform exceptionally, improving field reliability and overall dependability. 17-4 PH also offers post-production machining for bead blasted, polished, or black nitride finish. The alloy used in 3DEO’s additive manufacturing process produces components with a matte surface finish that require no secondary deburring or polishing after sintering. Manufacturers also have the option of customizing parts with their logo if the design allows.


Why 3D print firearm parts with 3DEO?

In a nutshell, 3DEO offers firearms manufacturers the ability to:

  • Launch Better Products with design freedom
  • Launch Products Faster with rapid iterations
  • Launch More Products with lower up front costs and rapid scaling

3DEO helps you get up and running with minimal effort so you can focus on what you do best in days, not months. 3DEO is the highest volume metal 3D printing company in the world, having shipped over 400,000 parts. 3DEO is changing the landscape of firearms production and now is the time to start exploring the benefits metal 3D printing can offer. 

When put to the test, our parts are tough. Our aftermarket Glock extractors have withstood over 15,000 rounds with zero signs of breakage or stopping. The extractors can be found in our Sample Kit that also includes our award-winning part, the anchor link. You can see the quality of our parts and try them out for yourself by requesting a free complimentary Sample Kit below.


“These are the nicest metal 3D printed parts I’ve ever seen.”

3DEO Customer

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