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The complex bolt release part required multiple setups on a three-axis CNC machine, which was labor-intensive and expensive. 3DEO lowered the cost so much that the customer would upgrade to 17-4PH, a premium stainless steel, for improved part performance at a significantly lower price point.


The small but very complex part was labor intensive for suppliers. The high cost drove the decision to select a lower grade steel. The customer needed to lower cost while simultaneously upgrading the stainless steel. Would it be possible to lower cost while also upgrading to a better steel?


Rather than use CNC machining with multiple setups, 3DEO used their proprietary 3D printers to manufacture the part in one step. This process lowered the cost of the part to the point that the customer was able to select a premium material, 17-4PH. They also black nitrided the parts for hardness & corrosion resistance.

3DEO Outperformed Machined Components

$36,000 Annual Cost Savings

Metal 3D printing is able to make the same part in one print vs. multiple CNC setups.

Better Component Performance

Functional testing revealed 3DEO’s parts outperformed CNC machining.

On Demand, Volume Production

3DEO makes parts on demand, reducing inventory and streamlining supply chain.

Upgraded to Premium Steel

Changing from 303 to 17-4PH material vastly improved performance.

About 3DEO

Based in Los Angeles, CA, 3DEO is a production manufacturer of small and complex metal parts for customers of any industry. Our patented metal 3D printing technology is directly competitive with traditional manufacturing in terms of part pricing, material properties, and quantities. 3DEO’s part properties exceed the high industry benchmark MPIF Standard 35 while achieving tight tolerances (+/- 0.002″) and superior surface finish (100Ra).

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