Nomad Defense Case Study

Locking Block Part

About Nomad Defense

Nomad Defense manufactures high-quality handgun frames for the Glock pistol platform. Nomad Defense was founded in 2017 with one simple goal – to build what the founders wished was on the market. While the handgun market is not without a plentiful variety of offerings,  they believe they can build something better.

Nomad Defense’s Transition to Metal 3D Printing with 3DEO


Geometric complexity led Nomad Defense to look for a new supplier for their locking block part. The high geometric complexity made CNC machining the part time-consuming and therefore costly. The company machines parts in-house, and there were much better uses for their equipment. As a result, Nomad Defense looked at new manufacturing processes in order to improve efficiency and cost.


3DEO’s metal 3D printers are a great alternative to CNC machining for this type of component. The part is small and complex, making it time-consuming and expensive to machine. Instead of multiple setups via machining, 3DEO’s printers can make the part in one step. In addition, 3DEO offers superior part performance with premium steel (17-4 PH), while providing the ability to seamlessly scale up quantities.

Why Nomad Defense Chose 3DEO Over CNC Machining

Free up machine time

With no startup costs and quick turnaround time, 3DEO freed up internal capacity for Nomad Defense.

Short Lead Times

Iterate quickly on part design for fast market entry, with the ability to easily make design improvements, even in production.

Flexible Manufacturing

3DEO can adjust quantities in real-time to match demand.

Design Excellence

3DEO’s parts exceeded MPIF standard 35 while enabling scalable production for Nomad Defense’s extensive product line.

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