Industry Leading Glock Extractor with Exceptional Performance

3DEO, a production metal 3D printing company, offers a customizable aftermarket glock extractor superior to the original factory part in terms of base material, finish, and–most importantly–exceptional performance.

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The 3DEO Extractor made for the Glock Platform is manufactured utilizing 3DEO’s proprietary metal 3D printing technology. When installed, the extractor will:

Perform exceptionally with many customers reporting 15,000+ rounds
– Allow for customization–add your company’s logo
– Provide consistent ejection pattern
Improve field reliability

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Part Specifications (17-4 PH Stainless Steel)

Ultimate Tensile Strength

1317 MPa (191 ksi)

Yield Strength

1172 MPa (170 ksi)

Elastic Modulus

185 GPa (26.8 msi)

Core Hardness

42 HRC

Surface Hardness

60 HRC

Corrosion Resistance


3DEO Glock Extractors By The Numbers

4 Glock Models (Models 21, 22, 42, 43)

15,000+ rounds of punishment and they keep going

30,000+ extractors shipped

3DEO Sample Parts

With 3DEO, you can sell the highest quality Glock extractors with customization specifically for your company or product. Click the button below to get complimentary sample parts.

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“The 3DEO process allowed us to bypass all the headaches associated with the MIM process, so we were able to get to market quickly and with several iterations / fine tunings. I was very skeptical of this process at first, but they have completely changed my mind about printing parts in mass production.”

John Estridge, Engineering Manager