Front Sight Case Study

Affordable Production with No Upfront Costs

This customer specializes in high-quality revolvers. They wanted to reintroduce a front sight that had been out of production. Unfortunately, they no longer had the engineering drawings. Demand for the front sight was unknown and the customer was searching for a high-quality, cost-effective solution that offered flexibility on minimum order quantities.


Given demand uncertainty, the customer could not justify the high tooling costs of metal injection molding (MIM). The challenge was finding a manufacturing solution to bring this legacy part back into production. The company did not have engineering drawings or a CAD model, only a physical part from current inventory.


3DEO reverse engineered the physical part into a CAD model to print the part. 3DEO printed first articles and began full production in less than four weeks, providing the customer with a solution before their inventory depleted. 3DEO’s fast turnaround and scalable production was the ideal solution.

3DEO Outperformed Machined Components in Three Key Areas

Metal 3D printing was able to save the customer $92,500, while also upgrading to superior steel. This was enabled by 3DEO’s Intelligent Layering process that allows for repeatability on small, complex metal parts.

3DEO quickly and cost-effectively manufactured out-of-production parts, despite the customer’s missing legacy drawings and tools.

3DEO makes small, metal parts on-demand, which enables purchasers to respond to product demand.

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