The Future of Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Cloud is an end-to-end platform built to scale 3DEO’s patented metal 3D printers into mass production. Without legacy manufacturing’s design limitations, high up-front costs, and long lead times, the Manufacturing Cloud gives product innovators superpowers to launch physical products at the speed of software.

Welcome to the Manufacturing Cloud.
Welcome to the future of manufacturing.


The Manufacturing Cloud starts and stops with the Jarvis OS, 3DEO’s proprietary software backbone. Jarvis takes in customer digital models and uses in-house computational geometry to convert them into digital work instructions. Our computer vision and machine learning modules provide feedback to monitor and control the end-to-end platform.

Digital Scalability

The Manufacturing Cloud allows the world to develop, launch, and scale physical products at the speed of digital ones. Customers have the ability to iterate in days, launch in weeks, and pay for only the capacity that they use, without any upfront fees. This unprecedented flexibility allows for the update of designs at any time and scalability in real
time to meet any demand.


3D Printing

The heart of the Manufacturing Cloud is 3DEO’s patented metal 3D printing technology. The printers are fully integrated into Jarvis, so they receive GCODE remotely and report back all of the sensor data in real time for processing. When compared to other metal 3DP technologies, 3DEO’s patented technology produces parts with superior precision, surface finish, material properties, and repeatability.



Since inception, 3DEO has built its technology with automation in mind. Software and hardware for robotics is a prime example, including automated build ejection, robotic work instructions through geometry and computer vision modules, automated pick and place, and a printer control that provides Jarvis with real-time status updates. 3DEO’s robots automate production, ensuring quality and speed, dramatically reducing cost structure.

Manufacturing Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing forced a rapid transition away from servers and infrastructure by allowing customers to set up and pay for hosting easily without having to own and maintain costly hardware. 3DEO is developing the Manufacturing Cloud to create the same transition in product launch. 3DEO allows innovators to launch better products, faster, at the click of a button, without worrying about the cost and headache of scaling products.

Quality Control

By being first and foremost a software company, 3DEO has the unique ability to monitor data and feedback in real time. We collect data not only for every process and sub-process but also for every product that passes through the Manufacturing Cloud. The end result is a high quality product that our customers count on even in the most regulated and demanding of industries.

This is the Future

The Manufacturing Cloud is already happening today. The competitive advantage 3DEO gives its customers is currently being realized across a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, and consumer products. Click Product Launch to learn more.