Manufacturing Cloud™

Welcome to the Future of Manufacturing

In some ways, 3D printing is starting to live up to its promise as a disruptor of traditional manufacturing. But the reality is that industrial 3D printing today is still far from the one-click Star Trek Replicator, capable of making anything on demand. Every process still needs expert users, expensive capital investment, and long-term, intensive process development.

3DEO’s Manufacturing Cloud™ includes innovations across the entire production system–printing, robotics, augmented reality, advanced data systems, and a platform that manages from design through to finished product. This tightly integrated system is stitched together by software that collects real-time image data from machines, programs the robotics, manages AI integrations, and creates a closed loop feedback to enable automation at scale.

Based in Los Angeles, 3DEO uses its patented metal 3D printing technology to supply metal parts and products to customers in the medical, consumer defense, aerospace, and industrial equipment markets.

“We have evaluated every metal 3D printing technology out there, and only 3DEO is in the running for serial production.”

Fortune 100 Customer