Standards of Quality in Metal 3D Printing

Leveraging Additive Manufacturing in Production

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Quality in Metal 3D Printing

The 3D printing industry hasn’t historically held itself to the same quality standards as traditional manufacturers. When you order a part from traditional manufacturing, you expect the parts to be exactly as you ordered them.

This guide will give you a glimpse into how to leverage additive manufacturing in production so that whether it’s the 10th part or the 10,000th part, they’re all the same.

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Our Statistical Process Control

By monitoring these process controls, we can understand the predictability of performance and can take corrective action if necessary:

  • We qualify each printer before running any production product.
  • We build in as much machine optimization as possible into our machine design to eliminate as much human error as possible.
  • We monitor each printer individually and as a group to ensure that critical variables stay in control.
  • We continually review part-to-part and machine to machine variation.