Launch Better Products, Faster

Reimagine Manufacturing® with the power of 3D printing—launch better products, launch products faster, launch more products.

3DEO is a mass production supplier of precision metal components, made with our patented metal 3D printing technology.

3DEO delivers production parts in weeks, not months.

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2020 MPIF Design Excellence Award Winner

By winning the Design Excellence Award for a metal 3D printed production component, 3DEO has shown that its metal AM approach, and metal AM at large, is a force within the metal powder market.”
– 3D Printing Media Network

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Benefits of the Manufacturing Cloud™

Launch BETTER Products

With 3D printing, you have unprecedented design freedom to update and change your design nearly as quickly as you can redesign it in CAD.

Launch Products FASTER

Respond to market demand quickly, allow your designers to iterate swiftly, and manufacture on demand, only as necessary.

Launch MORE Products

With no up front costs and inventory requirements, scale quantities up or down to match demand; launch as many products as you can design.


“[3DEO’s] mission is to make metal 3D printing available for mass production through its digital industrial platform, and [150,000 Parts] is excellent evidence that it’s well on its way.”

“Manufacturers looking for metal parts are able to use 3DEO’s service to leverage the benefits of the company’s 3D printing technology, without having to spend large amounts of money on an internal 3D printer with the supporting infrastructure.”


“The 150,000 pieces serve as considerable evidence that [3DEO] is realizing this mission to penetrate the high-volume market for metal parts.”

"The 3DEO process allowed us to bypass all the headaches associated with the MIM process, so we were able to get to market quickly and with several iterations / fine tunings. I was very skeptical of this process at first, but they have completely changed my mind about printing parts in mass production."

- Engineering Manager