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Innovate. Design. Scale.

Partner with 3DEO for metal 3D printing and to design, iterate and produce your complex metal parts at scale. With prototypes the same as high volume parts, say goodbye to complex product lifecycles and scale with a competitive advantage.

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We Help Companies Make What Hasn't Been Made Before

3DEO is one of the only 3D metal printing companies able to produce high volume small metal parts and components with seamless transition from prototype to scale. By coupling its Design for Additive Manufacturing service with proprietary technology that far surpasses traditional manufacturing methods, see why companies are turning to 3DEO to partner on launching innovative, high quality products.

Fast Turn Around

Speed to market

Reduce Costs

Reduce Operating Costs

Design Flexibility

Design Flexibility

Superior Surfaces & Tolerances

Superior Surfaces & Tolerances

Dedicated Partnership

Dedicated Partnership

On-Demand Production

On-demand production

Zero Waste

Zero waste manufacturing


3DEO’s Proprietary 3D Metal Printing Process

3DEO’s award-winning patented technology, Intelligent Layering®, was designed specifically to tackle the limitations customers face with traditional manufacturing - as well as the challenges and low throughput typically associated with metal 3D printing.

3DEO Reimagining Manufacturing


Reimagine Manufacturing®

The metal 3D printer itself is just one piece of the puzzle. Without a holistic approach to production, the overall process will become disjointed, no matter how reliable the printing technology.


Industries We Serve

3DEO is a trusted supplier of small metal parts and components for innovative companies across a range of industries worldwide.

Medical Industry


Aerospace Industry


Industrial Industry


Consumer Industry

Consumer Products

Automotive Industry


Automotive Industry


3DEO’s Resource Center

As the world’s leading production 3D metal printing company, 3DEO has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience manufacturing metal components for a variety of industries. Our team of experts continues to host webinars and events, provide case studies and publish technical guides about the advantages of metal 3D printing.

Featured in the Following Publications for Metal Additive Manufacturing

The fact that HP and Digital Metal began by offering metal printing as a service may suggest that 3DEO is on the right track with its own strategy, particularly if it can claim such high growth across various metrics.


With a fast, flexible and increasingly automated process for metal additive manufacturing, 3DEO believes it’s cracking the code for volume production.

Stephanie HendrixsonAdditive Manufacturing

Does the ‘operate the technology in-house’ strategy work? Apparently so, with great effect. This is a point that should be considered by others currently developing their own new 3D printing technology. You don’t have to sell machines to succeed.

Kerry StevensonFABBALOO

[3DEO's] business model allows manufacturers to gain the cost savings, design freedom, and manufacturing flexibility needed to compete – without having to incur millions of dollars for a metal AM machine and the supporting infrastructure.

Metal AM Magazine

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