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316L Stainless Steel

A fully austenitic, molybdenum-bearing, non-magnetic 316L stainless steel that maintains excellent performance at low and moderate temperatures, as well as superior ductility and mechanical performance.

A microscopic image showing a crystalline structure with polygonal grains and dark spots on a white background is displayed. The sample, made of 316L stainless steel, features a scale bar indicating 100 µm at the bottom right corner.

316L Stainless Steel

316L stainless steel is a weldable material that is extremely corrosion resistant, which makes it ideal for applications that will experience harsh environments. With excellent biocompatibility, high wear resistance and near wrought part density(98%), 3DEO’s stainless steel 3D printed components enable customers to produce quality components across a variety of industries and applications. 316L stainless steel is sometimes known as marine grade stainless steel or A4 stainless steel.

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  • Medical and dental
  • Industrial equipment and machinery
  • Consumer products
  • Marine environments
  • Automotive

Application Examples

  • Medical devices
  • Marine applications
  • Food processing equipment
  • Water treatment
  • Offshore piping
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Petroleum refining
  • Power generation
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Jewelry

Material Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa) 540
Yield Strength (MPa) 200
Elongation (%) 70
Hardness (HRB) 68
Density (g/cm³) 7.8
Surface Roughness (Ra, µm) 3.5 (140 µin)