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Surgical Device Tool Tip

3DEO’s Bone Scraper Part

Industry: Medical Device

Dimensions (mm): 15 x 10 x Ø 8

3D printing case studies of a metal pipe fitting with a y-shaped junction on a white background.

Customer's Problem

Producing a Small Complex Bone Scraper

The customer worked in the medical industry and needed to produce a small, complex bone scraper part for their bone cutter instrument in 17-4 PH Stainless Steel.

A 2019 U.S. penny with a bone scraper partially covering it on a white background.

3DEO's Solution

Bone Scraper Price Reduced by 40%

The printers at 3DEO were capable of bringing the price per piece down by 40%, with no tooling costs. 3DEO was able to save the customer $92,500, while also upgrading to superior steel for their surgical device tool tip.

[3DEO’s] business model allows manufacturers to gain the cost savings, design freedom, and manufacturing flexibility needed to compete - without having to incur millions of dollars for a metal AM machine and the supporting infrastructure.

Metal AM Magazine

Why Manufacturers Choose 3DEO

Short Lead Times

Introduced designs rapidly for fast market entry, with the ability to make design improvements and changes without paying the price of tooling costs.

Flexible Manufacturing

Scaled quantities up/down to match demand; avoided setup and minimum quantity costs with traditional manufacturing.

High Quality Parts

3DEO’s ISO certified parts exceed the MIM industry benchmark, ensuring high-quality parts with the best surface finish in the industry.

In this webinar, Matt Sand, President of 3DEO, covers everything it takes to transition your medical device to production with metal additive manufacturing.

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Graphic for a webinar titled "Metal 3D Printing in Medtech," featuring an image of a robotic 3D printer creating a bone scraper in a laboratory setting.