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3DEO Sample Parts Kit

Experience first-hand why companies choose to partner with 3DEO over other suppliers. Request a customized kit of 3DEO-produced components and design engineering highlights.

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How to Partner with 3DEO

Product teams are faced with design and manufacturing trade-offs every day, at every stage of the product lifecycle. Whether you need in-house design expertise to build prototypes that seamlessly transition to scale or are seeking innovative solutions to a complex supply chain, 3DEO can help.

A blue line icon of a stopwatch, featuring a start/stop button and second and minute hands, on a solid black background with 3D metal printed sample parts.

Early-stage design

Access to design engineering

Component functionality optimization

Icon depicting a user profile with a gear, symbolizing settings or account customization for 3D metal printing quotes.

Design for
Additive Manufacturing

First delivery same as production

Production at scale



An infographic detailing properties of 17-4ph stainless steel, including material type, hardness, density, surface roughness, and tolerances with specific measurements of 3D metal printed sample parts.

Best-in-Class Surface Finishes

3DEO’s surface finishes have gained accolades industry-wide. With multiple options to choose from, contact 3DEO to learn more.

  As Printed  
  As Printed  
  Surface finish in the “as-printed” state with no secondary ops  
  Bead Blast  
  Finishing process to smooth surface without affecting tolerances  
  Mirror finish with a unique production polishing process  
  As Printed  
  Chemical hardening of steel that produces a black finish  

Pictured: 3DEO’s most requested finishes

Additional Finishing Options:

Black Electroless Nickel Plating
Electroless Nickel Plating (uncolored)
Black Oxide
Internal honing
Mechanical Polishing
Pin Tumbling
Centrifugal Barrel Finishing (CBF)

Sample Parts Kit

3DEO prides itself on delivering timely and effective communication from the very first interaction. Submit your request here, and a member of the team will reach out to start your customized sample kit order.

With 3DEO, we have a huge competitive advantage in that we can produce parts that no one else can produce, at prices that no one else can produce, and at quantities that no one else can match.

Shane SwartzlanderFounder, Blackland Razors