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3DEO’s Base Plate Part

Award-Winning Base Plate Part

A metal razor blade with an open comb base plate and the text "BLACKLAND LEVEL 3 USA" engraved on it. The blade boasts a series of small teeth along both edges.


Blackland Razors

This part is an open comb base plate used in Blackland’s double-edge safety razor, “The Era.” A hybrid AM approach is used to make this part and offers extremely tight dimensional tolerances that set the blade gap for this shaving razor.

Dimensions (mm): 42 x 25 x 5

Blackland's Problem

Blackland was limited by traditional manufacturing’s ability to make their razor parts. The significant upfront investments required were too confining when it came to product development and iterations

3DEO's Solution

Due to no setup costs and fast iterations with 3DEO, Blackland was able to launch 10 products, whereas before they would have only been able to launch one with traditional manufacturing.

Why Blackland Razors Chose 3DEO

Short Lead Times

Introduced designs rapidly for fast market entry, with the ability to make design improvements and changes without paying the price of tooling costs.

Flexible Manufacturing

Scaled quantities up/down to match demand; avoided setup and minimum quantity costs with traditional manufacturing.

High Quality Parts

3DEO’s ISO certified parts exceed the MIM industry benchmark, ensuring high-quality parts with the best surface finish in the industry.

Exploded view of a razor, showing handle, blades, and casing components, arranged vertically on a black background.

With 3DEO you have true flexibility. We don’t have to make new molds. We don’t have to change tooling. We simply have to update the design of the part and we can have those parts produced next month.

We’re able to be reactive to changing demands from our customers and from the market broadly. If we need to scale up or down manufacturing, we can. If we need to change a design, it’s as simple as submitting a new CAD file.

Founder of Blackland Razors
Shane Swartzlander

2021 MPIF Award Winner

The Metal Powder Industries Federation has awarded 3DEO a 2021 Award of Distinction for its open comb base plate used in a double-edge safety razor.

2022 TCT Award Winner

Logo of tct awards alongside a text "winner" in the consumer product application category, featuring images of a 3D printed razor and two intricate metal components on a dark background.

The TCT Awards has awarded 3DEO the 2022 TCT Consumer Product Application Award for its 3D printed production razor manufactured for Blackland Razors – “The Era”.

Watch to see how Blackland and 3DEO are disrupting the shaving industry.