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Surface Finish Options in Metal 3D Printing

Engineering Fundamentals


Metal 3D Printed Surface Finish

Why it matters: The surface finish of a component can be a crucial parameter. It can be important to ensure quality, negate corrosive effects, or reduce friction for mating components. Because of this, manufacturers making parts in production need to understand how to evaluate the quality of a part’s surface texture.

Close-up of various metal 3D printed parts on a surface, with the text "Engineering Fundamentals: Metal 3D Printed Surface Finish" and the 3DEO logo in the top left corner.

Understanding Surface Finish in Metal 3D Printing

In order to continue to widen the addressable range of manufacturing needs metal AM can meet, it’s imperative that surface finish in metal AM improve dramatically. That’s why 3DEO has made significant investments to achieve what is commonly called “the best surface finish in metal 3D printing,” including:

  • As printed finish
  • Black nitride finish
  • Bead blasted finish
  • Polished finish
Close-up of multiple metal turbine blades arranged vertically, showing detailed fins and shafts. The blades are uniformly aligned and appear to be newly manufactured.