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Endoscopic Surgical Device Jaws

3DEO’s Surgical Jaw Part

Industry: Medical Device

Two surgical jaw parts isolated on a white background.

Customer's Problem

This endoscopic surgical device manufacturer was struggling to launch innovative new products quickly with metal injection molding. Using MIM, time to market is 3+ years, design is limited and locked in by tooling, and up-front costs are very high.

A finger holding miniature surgical tongs against a blue background.

3DEO's Solution

With our patented metal 3D printing process, 3DEO unlocked new geometric freedom not possible with MIM. With fast iterations on new designs delivered in less than a week, the customer’s engineers optimized the design efficiently without extending the development timeline or changing expensive tooling. And with scalable printers, the team moved directly into production without the need to requalify a new process.

3DEO is creating new possibilities for innovation and rapid time to market that solve some of our most pressing issues.

Head of Innovation for a Fortune 500 Company

Why Manufacturers Choose 3DEO

Short Lead Times

Introduced designs rapidly for fast market entry, with the ability to make design improvements and changes without paying the price of tooling costs.

Flexible Manufacturing

Scaled quantities up/down to match demand; avoided setup and minimum quantity costs with traditional manufacturing.

High Quality Parts

3DEO’s ISO certified parts exceed the MIM industry benchmark, ensuring high-quality parts with the best surface finish in the industry.

In this webinar, Matt Sand, President of 3DEO, covers everything it takes to transition your medical device to production with metal additive manufacturing.

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