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3DEO’s Anchor Link Part

2020 MPIF Design Excellence Award Winner

The Metal Powder Industries Federation has awarded 3DEO the 2020 Design Excellence Award for its additively manufactured component, the anchor link. This component exhibits the unique capabilities of 3DEO’s 3D printing technology. For example, a number of the features on this part hold +/- 5/10ths of .0001.

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" By winning the Design Excellence Award for a metal 3D printed production component, 3DEO has shown that its metal AM approach, and metal AM at large, is a force within the metal powder market. " -3D Printing Media Network

3DEO Outperformed CNC Machines in Four Key Areas

Competed (and won) against CNC machines to reach a lower piece price while retaining the ability to seamlessly scale quantities into very high volumes.

Introduced designs rapidly for fast market entry, with the ability to make design improvements and changes without paying the price of tooling costs.

Scaled quantities up/down to match demand; avoided setup and minimum quantity costs with traditional manufacturing.

“What is notable is that 3DEO’s 3D printed component was not just up against other additive parts, it beat out traditional manufacturing techniques as well, like CNC machining and metal injection molding.” -3D Printing Media Network

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Bolt Release

For their complex bolt release part, this customer needed to lower cost while simultaneously upgrading to PH 17-4 stainless steel.

Bone Scraper

This customer worked in the medical industry and needed to produce a small, complex part for their bone cutter instrument in stainless steel.

Front Sight

This customer wanted to reintroduce a front sight that was out of production. Unfortunately, they no longer had the engineering drawings for the part.


ErgoKiwi wanted to utilize metal 3D printing for a latch used in their ergonomic cutting tool. They were underwhelmed by the quality of another 3D printing service.

Bolt Stop

High costs led the Montana Rifle Company to look for a new mfg. option for their small parts. No startup or switching costs were necessary, and metal 3D printing was a clear winner.

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