3DEO Customer Case Studies For Metal 3D Printing

Explore customer success stories and industry case studies featuring real parts from the production line.


Featured Case Study: Aerospace

As those who use investment cast parts in their products for the aerospace industry know, casting has always presented challenges: dimensional variation, post processing steps, non-destructive testing requirements, and uncertainty in material properties.

3DEO was able to help this aerospace customer solve its challenges with their part and get their subassemblies back in production—which was the beginning of a true partnership. This customer is leveraging 3DEO’s resources in a way that is creating long-term competitive advantage for the aerospace company, as they continue to bring additional components to be adapted from investment casting to additive manufacturing at scale. But what got the ball rolling?

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Explore More Additive Manufacturing Case Studies

Bone Scraper

This customer worked in the medical industry and needed to produce a small, complex part for their bone cutter instrument in stainless steel.


ErgoKiwi wanted to utilize metal 3D printing for a latch used in their ergonomic cutting tool. They were underwhelmed by the quality of another 3D printing service.

Surgical Jaws

This surgical device maker was struggling with launching innovative, new products quickly with metal injection molding.

Base Plate

Blackland was limited by traditional manufacturing’s ability to make their razor parts. The high upfront costs were too confining when it came to development.

Bolt Release

For their complex bolt release part, this customer needed to lower cost while simultaneously upgrading to PH 17-4 stainless steel.