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California-based 3DEO, a high-volume production supplier of stainless steel components in the aerospace, consumer product, defense, and medical device industries, recently participated in the 2020 Design Excellence Award Competition, and announced that it has won the Design Excellence Award for its metal 3D printed production component, called the “anchor link,” fabricated with its patented AM technology. The international trade association for metal powder industries, MPIF, sponsors the competition, which aims to recognize the efforts of companies using metal AM to push new designs, technologies, and commercial successes. According to 3DEO CEO Matt Petros, PhD, it’s pretty exciting that its winning component is not a prototype, but actually a high-volume, affordable production part.

Read the full article, 3D Printing News Briefs, August 11, 2020: 3DEO, Nexa3D, AK Medical

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