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“The ISO 9001 certification is a terrific milestone for 3DEO. A strong quality management system is the backbone of any world-class production line,” commented Matt Petros, CEO of 3DEO. “The ISO certification marks an important step in realizing 3DEO’s long-term vision of leveraging next-generation technologies to build the world’s highest quality, data-driven factory of the future. In the previous generation of manufacturing, spot checks and random sampling were best of class. 3DEO is building a dynamic production line with real-time streaming data that allows ongoing monitoring and end-to-end closed-loop feedback. For 3DEO, ISO is the starting point of what we expect to become the next generation of manufacturing.”

The ISO certification process at 3DEO was reportedly completed in just three months. Typically, the process can take between six to 12 months, but 3DEO was able to reduce this timeframe thanks to its built-in process control and quality production methodology. The company already had stringent systems in place to ensure that its clients in the aerospace, industrial and medical industries (among others) were having their requirements met.

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