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Launch Better Products, Faster

Reimagine Manufacturing® with the power of 3D printing—launch better products, launch products faster, launch more products.

3DEO is a mass production supplier of precision metal components, made with our patented metal 3D printing technology.

3DEO delivers production parts in weeks, not months.

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2020 MPIF Design Excellence Award Winner

By winning the Design Excellence Award for a metal 3D printed production component, 3DEO has shown that its metal AM approach, and metal AM at large, is a force within the metal powder market.”
– 3D Printing Media Network

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Benefits of the Manufacturing Cloud™

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Launch BETTER Products

With 3D printing, you have unprecedented design freedom to update and change your design nearly as quickly as you can redesign it in CAD.

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Launch Products FASTER

Respond to market demand quickly, allow your designers to iterate swiftly, and manufacture on demand, only as necessary.

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Launch MORE Products

With no up front costs and inventory requirements, scale quantities up or down to match demand; launch as many products as you can design.

WIN $2,500… IF YOU DARE.