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If you missed this webinar, you can watch it here: Investment Casting vs. Metal 3D Printing in Aerospace

There’s a rising trend in Aerospace today: manufacturers are losing sleep over their investment cast parts.

The list of high quality domestic suppliers to choose from was already short, and it continues to shrink rapidly as experts with relevant expertise retire. Meanwhile, overseas supply chains are still recovering from the pandemic-induced slowdown.

If you are struggling with investment castings in the aerospace industry, this webinar is especially for you. We quickly summarize the breadth of challenges we’re seeing first-hand while working with companies like yours, and explore better ways to get the near-net parts you need to keep your lines running, your deliveries on time, and your revenue flowing.

We discuss:

  • Why the investment casting supply chain is currently struggling so much
  • How the current state of investment casting suppliers is increasing costs, adding unnecessary complexity, and creating reputational risk for its manufacturing customers
  • What to consider when calculating the total cost of investment casting in the current market
  • What 3DEO does, and how we address these challenges, including relevant case studies


Jonathan Kolodner
Director of Applications Engineering and Design, 3DEO

The webinar is presented by 3DEO’s Jonathan Kolodner, head of Applications Engineering. Jonathan leads the efforts with 3DEO’s aerospace customers and has been in the trenches helping engineers solve their hardest problems so they can de-risk their complex supply chains and return to their calm, sweet dreams.


  • The core functional and performance advantages of additively manufactured parts over castings
  • How 3D printed and cast parts compare on costs and risks, across several printing methods
  • Which traditionally investment cast parts are suitable for 3D printing
  • How to build confidence and navigate compliance in the adoption of 3D printed parts