Webinar: Metal 3D Printing Made Easy From Prototyping to Production

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In case you missed 3DEO’s LIVE webinar, you can watch it or forward it to your colleagues with this link: Metal 3D Printing Made Easy, from Prototype to Production.

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

  • Why 3D Printing? For engineers and buyers with immediate time or cost requirements, 3D printing is NOW. 3D printing can deliver on reducing cost and lowering lead times all within a matter of weeks. 3DEO’s own customers have benefited from a 30% reduction in cost and in-line design changes in a short time frame.
  • What is 3D Printing in Serial Production? There are two types of 3D printing: traditional prototyping technology and serial production technology. With prototyping, the focus is on the printer and its ability to print unique one-off items. With serial production, the focus is on the entire production process: from the powder handling system, printer, sintering, to the final inspection.
  • Getting Started the Easy (3DEO) Way: The best way to get started with 3D printing is to work with experts. Working with 3DEO is the same as with any other metal parts supplier. We walk you through the entire process from first articles to final production.

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