Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D PrintingSurface Finish
January 8, 2020

What are Your Options for Improved Surface Finishes After 3D Printing?

As you may or may not know, the Intelligent Layering, a proprietary technology developed by 3DEO, provides the best as-printed surface finish in metal 3D printing. Customers have compared our surface finish to a "very…
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Metal 3D PrintingProduct Development
December 3, 2019

The Unbreakable Guitar

It started way back in 1964 when Pete Townshend of The Who accidentally snapped the neck of his Rickenbacker during a performance. Upset about ruining his guitar, he smashed what remained of it into the…
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Metal 3D PrintingMetal Additive ManufacturingStrategy
November 1, 2019

50% of Survey Respondents Report “Significant Competitive Advantage” from 3D Printing

More and more companies are turning to 3D printing to give their businesses a "significant" competitive advantage. According to a survey published in the 2019 edition of "The State of 3D Printing," additive manufacturing has…
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CostMetal 3D Printing
August 22, 2019

Cost Savings on the Rise as a Key Benefit of 3D Printing

When people think of the benefits of 3D printing, they often think of complex geometries, quick iteration, and short lead times. But many are now realizing that 3D printing can be a huge cost saver…
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Metal 3D PrintingQuality Series
July 2, 2019

What’s the #1 Challenge in 3D Printing? You Might Be Surprised…

Sculpteo recently released their annual survey report, The State of 3D Printing: 2019, which revealed insight on the main uses, challenges, and predictions for the industry. The survey asked industry insiders about a variety of…
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Metal 3D Printing
June 20, 2019

3DEO Webinar Series

Every month, 3DEO hosts a monthly webinar sharing industry knowledge on all things metal additive manufacturing. Whether you are just getting started with 3D printing or are an expert, learn more about 3DEO from our…
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How To Get StartedMetal 3D PrintingVideo
May 31, 2019

Getting Started with 3DEO

In this exciting new world of metal 3D printing, 3DEO makes it easy to incorporate metal 3D printing into your manufacturing supply chain. 3D printing eliminates the headaches of tooling -- set up costs, minimum…
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CostMetal 3D PrintingVideo
May 30, 2019

Part Cost Breakdown

  As a customer interested in high-volume production metal additive manufacturing, you must consider total cost per part and how it breaks down. The three main cost categories are pre-printing, printing, and post-processing / post-printing.…
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Metal 3D Printing
April 2, 2019

5 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Metal 3D Printing

  With all the hype surrounding the burgeoning production method, some beliefs have become wrongly entrenched. In the past 5 years, metal additive manufacturing has made great strides as a discipline. Thanks to significant breakthroughs…
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