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Article by Metal AM magazine. Read the full article here.

3DEO, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, has announced a strategic partnership and investment with IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd. (IA), based in Koutou-ku, Japan. This multi-faceted, multi-phase deal is designed to enhance the adoption and application of Additive Manufacturing technologies within IA. It integrates advanced AM capabilities with the precision and tradition of Japan’s aerospace manufacturing sector.

“We are deeply honoured to partner with IA, a company that shares our vision for the future of aerospace manufacturing,” Matt Petros, CEO and Co-founder of 3DEO, commented. “This partnership underscores the incredible progress and potential of Additive Manufacturing, especially when coupled with a highly collaborative design for additive approach.”

The partnership aims to integrate the advanced capabilities of Additive Manufacturing with the precision and tradition of Japan’s aerospace manufacturing sector (Courtesy 3DEO)

By leveraging 3DEO’s patented technology, its Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) knowledge and IA’s engineering expertise, the partners expect to make a lasting impact on the aerospace industry, enhancing capabilities and setting heightened standards for manufacturing.

Payman Torabi, CTO and Co-founder of 3DEO, added, “Working alongside IA presents an exceptional opportunity to apply our Additive Manufacturing technologies to the aerospace sector. It’s a collaboration that stands to reduce time-to-market and drive innovation.”

The announcement follows 3DEO’s recent strategic investment from the Development Bank of Japan and Seiko Epson Corporation.