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3DEO, Inc. will be showcasing its breakthrough technology at the Technology LaunchPad RAPID + TCT conference in Pittsburgh May 8-11.  The Technology LaunchPad is a showcase around the latest must-see technologies, applications and new product announcements.  The technology is a novel high-volume/low-cost additive manufacturing (AM) process with demonstration parts highlighting the technology.

3DEO is a high-volume parts supplier that provides additively manufactured metal parts with complex geometries and features to a wide variety of industrial clients.  With their Intelligent Layering® process, the company is selectively targeting high volume applications at price points well below existing technologies.

RAPID + TCT is more than a chance for 3DEO to demonstrate its technology – it is also an opportunity to support a conference that is important to the overall additive manufacturing community.  3DEO is proud to support RAPID + TCT due to the excitement it generates for the industry and for bringing together a large group of rapid prototyping end users, including Fortune 500 industrial, medical, and consumer companies.

RAPID + TCT allows companies to show off what makes AM such a compelling technology, not the least of which is removing the design constraints typically associated with molds and allowing for additional design freedom to manufacturing engineers.  Beyond the ability to make parts not currently available to traditional manufacturing techniques, AM cuts the cost and lead time for companies that are continuously ordering new molds for their manufacturing operations.  The ability to print new parts by simply changing the design file has led to wide-spread adoption of AM for prototyping and pre-productions parts.  3DEO is taking the next step beyond what is currently available and moving towards full production volumes with its patent-pending Intelligent Layering® process.

Matt Petros, CEO of 3DEO and one of the inventors of the technology, will be presenting in the Technology LaunchPad on Tuesday at 4:30pm.  The presentation will cover the six steps to 3DEO’s Intelligent Layering® process and highlight numerous real-world industry case studies.  In addition to the presentation, the 3DEO team will be at booth #2246 during the expo.

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