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Gardena, CA: 3DEO Inc., a Los Angeles-based metal 3D printing technology company, hosts the two winning teams of Carrot Group’s Mission: Impact Challenge – Connected Community challenge on their VIP Innovation Tour. The six students got to meet the team and learn more about 3DEO’s disruptive technology.

The students teams were the Grand Prize winners in the Mission: Impact Challenge – Connect Community, a program designed to inspire middle and high school students from Compton Unified School District to dream up solutions leveraging technology to quickly identify the signs and symptoms of those experiencing trauma and build a connected community for support and healing. The program was funded by Venus and Serena Williams. The Grand Prize was a VIP Innovation Tour around Los Angeles where they met with leading innovators and experienced breakthrough technologies.

The students were led by Elias Ashe, a mechanical engineer at 3DEO, on a tour of all things 3D printing. The visit started with a discussion of the different 3D printing processes, followed by a Q&A. The students were then taken on a factory tour, where they got to peek into 3DEO’s R&D room. Elias demonstrated how 3DEO uses plastic printers to make parts for its metal 3D printers. The students witnessed the real-time print of plastic elephants and got to each take one home. The students then got to learn about production metal 3D printing and 3DEO’s proprietary technology, Intelligent Layering. The tour finished with a visit to 3DEO’s in-house machine shop and the students learned more about post-processing operations.

“The students had a great time at 3DEO and learned a lot about the future of manufacturing,” said Alan Zack, President of Carrot Group. “This was the first time they saw 3D printing in action and were both amazed and excited about the possibilities. After we left, they couldn’t stop talking about other applications for the technology.”

Carrot Group is the leading organization engaging, cultivating, and celebrating young innovators to solve real-world problems using science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Carrot Group designs various programs for preschool children to college students and through the belief that the power of competition inspires learning, creativity, and innovation. Carrot Group is dedicated to connecting students with cutting-edge companies like 3DEO. 3DEO is proud to be an inspiration to these young innovators and hopes to continue to inspire creativity.

About 3DEO Inc.

3DEO’s patented Intelligent Layering® Technology unlocks the potential of metal Additive Manufacturing by drastically reducing final part cost while meeting the high industry benchmark MPIF Standard 35, achieving tight tolerances and an impressive surface finish. Intelligent Layering will open metal AM to the majority of the industries that can’t afford today’s expensive options. Leveraging its unique technology as a parts supplier, 3DEO sells high volume, high value metal parts to manufacturers with a variety of applications across a wide range of industries.