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Binder Jetting is a category of metal additive manufacturing (AM) that utilizes liquid binder, metal powder, and sintering to print high-resolution parts. Sintered parts can have limits on size, density or geometry but despite this, Binder Jetting has garnered a lot of attention due to its potential advantages in scalability and production cost. This post provides an overview of Binder Jetting, digs deeper into its advantages and disadvantages, and highlights applications for which it is best suited.

Companies that have commercialized or announced their development of Binder Jetting technology are highlighted in the chart below. ExOne and Digital Metal are shipping commercial Binder Jetting systems (ExOne has by far the most systems in the field) and also offer printed parts as a service, as does 3DEO. Desktop Metal, HP, Stratasys, GE, and 3DEO are not yet shipping a commercially available Binder Jetting printer.

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