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AM_horizonal_logoThe central driver behind 3DEO is this: “a maniacal focus on making parts,” says Matt Sand, company president. The Gardena, California, startup is beginning to ramp up production, turning out thousands of metal 3D-printed parts per month. But 3DEO isn’t just an AM user. The company is also a technology developer, having created its own printer, software and process all for the purpose of volume production.

“Metal serial production is the holy grail,” says Matt Petros, chief executive officer. “We intend to deliver hundreds of thousands of parts, creating additive technology at scale.” Specifically, 3DEO’s interest is in making small, repeatable parts. The 3D printing technology that makes this possible—a powder-based process capable of fine detail—is targeted to that goal, enabling the company to compete with conventional processes such as CNC machining, metal injection molding (MIM) and investment casting.

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