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Intelligent Layering for Economical Metal 3D Printingindustryweeklogo

A related but proprietary and unique process developed by 3DEO, dubbed Intelligent Layering, takes on six distinct steps to deliver high quality parts at a cost that’s competitive with CNC machining and metal injection molding (MIM) at production volumes. The process produces a superior surface finish and tolerances as compared to any other metal AM process.

The patented technology first spreads a layer of powder across the build area. Next, a binder is applied to give the powder enough rigidity for what comes next. A cutter then organizes the exterior of the part into the final shape that layer should take. This process is repeated layer-by-layer until a finished structure is ready for sintering.

The furnace heats components evenly to ensure a high-quality product that meets expected tolerances. 3DEO also offers a wide variety of post-processing treatments to meet the needs of any application. The part properties are guaranteed to meet or surpass MPIF Standard 35, the manufacturing standard widely used for injection-molded metal parts.

As a service bureau, 3DEO is able to rigorously control for product quality, keep all the overhead expense in-house, and work with significantly lower input costs than would be available to the typical manufacturer. This lower cost structure is ultimately how the company is able to compete on cost and quality with traditional manufacturing techniques like machining and MIM.

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