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3DEO takes pride in having a fully traceable manufacturing process. But why is traceability important? Because traceability means accountability.

What is traceability? To 3DEO, traceability is data driven. It comes from a closed loop feedback control from our machines and dozens of sensors tracking information in real time. We can pick up any part and identify what machine and powder lot it came from, what the humidity levels were, who cleaned the part and more. This entire process is automated. We can catch anything that happens and ensure that no part leaves 3DEO without meeting your specifications.

3DEO is building a data-driven factory of the future.

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3DEO makes high quality metal components with our proprietary metal 3D printers. We specialize in manufacturing low/medium volumes on demand, which means there’s no need to worry about long lead times, minimum order quantities, or high tooling/setup costs. Request a Quote

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