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There is a problem in metal 3D printing today. The problem is that the 3D printing industry doesn’t hold itself to the same standards as traditional manufacturers. When you order a part from traditional manufacturing, whether it’s part 1 or part 10,000, you expect the parts to be exactly as you ordered them.

What is quality? To 3DEO, quality means that whether it’s the 10th part or the 10,000th part, that they’re all exactly the same. The parts are the same dimensionally as defined by you, the same surface finish and ultimately when you put that part into your machinery, it functions exactly the same. Because in the end, 3DEO stands behind our quality and we know your business is dependent on our parts. Quality is an agreement between 3DEO and the customer.

Quality is ingrained in the culture of 3DEO. Every step of the process has a system in place to tell us what’s going on. We can pick up any part and tell you what machine it came off of, what operator ran the machine, what time, what furnace cycle, and more. This helps us with root cause analysis which helps us ensure quality.

Our parts are our reputation, our brand. Therefore, every part speaks for itself.

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