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Case study information

  • Yearly savings: $98,500
  • Pieces ordered: 42,000 pieces
  • Part price: 40% less than traditional manufacturing

3DEO specializes in producing small metal parts that surpass traditional manufacturing standards, while also unlocking substantial savings for purchasers.

With a 40% lower price than traditional manufacturing and an output of 42,000 pieces per year, 3DEO is savings $98,000 for this loyal customer.

Whereas CNC provides cost-efficient parts for simple geometries, 3DEO’s Intelligent Layering® reduced the price per part cost significantly when compared to CNC on the customer’s parts. Reducing costs is something everyone can agree on.

3DEO is changing the game by competing head-to-head with CNC machining on small, complex parts – give us a try.

Christensen Case Study 1-16-20-1

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