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If you missed this webinar, you can watch it here: Supply Chain & 3D Printing

2021 has shone a spotlight on the global supply chain and its challenges on operations. Join 3DEO and our virtual panel of experts as we discuss the global supply chain and how 3D printing can impact companies’ efficiencies, logistics and revenue.


Jim Golden
Vice President, 3DEO


  • How 3D printing can (and has) affected the supply chain.
  • Learn from our expert-led panel, including business executives, supply chain managers, and more.


Dayton Horvath, Director of Emerging Technology, The Association for Manufacturing Technology

Dayton is the Director of Emerging Technology at The Association for Manufacturing Technology, where he leads market research, consulting, and data product development in new technologies. With an initial focus on additive manufacturing, Dayton is expanding AMT’s membership, thought leadership, and offerings in such high growth manufacturing technologies. Dayton’s subject matter expertise extends to strategic investments and M&A in the advanced manufacturing and materials industries thanks to his experience as an investment banking Principal at NewCap Partners.

Phillip S. Coles, Decision and Technology Analytics, Lehigh University

Before joining Lehigh, Professor Coles taught various business courses at The Pennsylvania State University, Syracuse University, Alvernia University, and the Cornell University Summer College. He has over 30 years of industry experience, including as Vice President of Strategic Management, Project Manager and Kaizen Facilitator in charge of the continuous improvement program at a multi-million dollar produce company. In this role, he was able to visit several leading manufacturing companies such as Dell Computer and Toyota Motor Company to learn about their supply chains.

Mark Christensen, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, Christensen Arms

During the course of his career, Mark has gained extensive global purchasing experience in a multitude of supply chain roles within the consumer goods & sporting goods industries.

Matt Petros, Co-founder & CEO, 3DEODuring the course of his doctoral studies, Matt co-invented and designed numerous metal additive manufacturing binder jetting processes. He worked hand-in-hand with various Fortune 500 companies to help develop high-impact 3D printing solutions using the latest technologies. This doctoral work reinforced his suspicion that the majority of industries were not able to transition metal 3DP to end-use applications. With this unique insight, 3DEO was established in an effort to empower our industrial partners through opportunistic technology transitions.