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3DEO in the News: 3D-Printing Highlights and Surprises from RAPID + TCT 2017

By May 15, 2017 August 18th, 2020 No Comments

Another new player in the metals field is 3DEO. This group sees the need for low-cost, high volume, on-time-delivery of parts and is producing them with a unique, in-house binder/powder process termed Intelligent Layering. Offered as a cost-effective manufacturing service, 3DEO’s approach combines expertise in powder metallurgy, CNC machining, sintering, materials science and AM. Intelligent Layering eliminates the classic stair-stepping effect with on-the-fly adjustment of the deposited powder layer, applying a delicate binder-spray that avoids particle agglomeration and using micro-end-mills to precisely machine part-perimeters. Sintering then creates 97% totally dense parts with no infill required. 3DEO includes complete mechanical testing facilities, yet its approach yields 60 to 80% lower part costs.

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3DEO makes high quality metal components with our proprietary metal 3D printers. We specialize in manufacturing low/medium volumes on demand, which means there’s no need to worry about long lead times, minimum order quantities, or high tooling/setup costs. Request a Quote

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