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Singularity University will be hosting its annual Exponential Manufacturing Summit May 17-19 in Boston.  The Exponential Manufacturing Summit will bring together over 600 global executives, entrepreneurs and investors to take part in a three-day program to prepare them for the changes brought forth by the rapid technological progress in manufacturing.

The Innovation Lab is a section of the summit created for executives, investors, startups and large organizations to network, experience live demos and discover the latest product innovations that will shape the future of advanced manufacturing.

3DEO will be presenting its new Intelligent Layering® process at the Innovation Lab to demonstrate how high-volume, low-cost metal additive manufacturing is becoming a reality.  3DEO is commercializing a fundamentally new metal 3D printing technology, Intelligent Layering®, which unlocks the potential of additive manufacturing. Final part cost is reduced by as much as 80%, new capabilities are enabled by the technology approach, and the parts meet quality MPIF Standard 35 – a first in metal AM. There are three main factors that result in 3DEO’s industry-leading low part costs – extremely low machine cost, commodity materials, and creative software design. Thanks to the low cost and highly repeatable process, 3DEO is able to make metal parts in high volumes that were previously uneconomical in metal additive manufacturing.

Click here to learn more about the Intelligent Layering® technology.

For more information on the Exponential Manufacturing Summit, we encourage you to watch the video below.

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