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metal-3d-printing-service-bureauGiven the optimism that metal AM will continue to grow in relevance for series production, it’s natural to focus on future potential and skim over the present. However, that forward-looking mindset obscures the exciting developments already taking place in 3D metal printing. The technology as a tool to be used in full production runs is not some distant possibility. It’s already here. 3DEO’s president Matt Sand details five current examples of how metal AM is changing manufacturing at scale.

While there aren’t many examples of production parts today, we can expect many more examples over the next decade, especially in price insensitive industries. Over time, metal 3D printing will compete in traditional manufacturing. In fact, for small, complex stainless-steel parts, 3DEO is already cost competitive and in production with many components. Here are five other early success stories from the world of 3D metal printing.

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