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Prototyping for Metal Injection Moulding: 3DEO’s AM solution matches the density and chemistry of MIM parts

The nature of Metal Injection Moulding technology means that creating functional prototypes that match the density and chemistry of the final parts can be both expensive and time consuming, whilst machined or AM alternatives simply do not allow for a realistic assessment of how a component will function. In the following article 3DEO’s Matt Sand presents a new service that promises to deliver prototype and low to medium volume runs of components that match the performance of MIM parts.

3DEO, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, USA, has launched a novel, low-cost Additive Manufacturing technology that is uniquely suited to help accelerate component development in the Metal Injection Moulding industry. The technology was created in part to address the MIM market’s need for a true prototyping technology. Existing technologies used for MIM prototyping often include subtractive manufacturing and laser sintering processes, but neither produce parts with material properties analogous to MIM. 3DEO’s new AM process uses existing MIM infrastructure and materials to create prototype parts that are held to the same density and chemistry specifications as MIM parts, based on MPIF Standard 35. Leveraging MIM in this way has allowed the company to reduce final cost of parts by 60 to 80% when compared to conventional metal AM technologies.

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