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One of the benefits of working with 3DEO is that the same process that produces the prototype and first articles is the exact same process used to create production components. Customers can trust that the final part will be the same as the first articles.

3DEO has scaled many projects from the concept phase into production. 3DEO helped many companies incorporate metal 3D printing into their supply chain.

Many customers benefit from the ease of immediate design changes. Customers can make changes quickly without having to start over, deal with high tooling costs, or long lead times.  3DEO can make the design change by the next print.

Case Study: Design Freedom

One customer had a small design change request. They needed 0.004in change in their part but hesitated to ask. Traditional manufacturers wouldn’t make such a small change, which made this customer wary. However, 3DEO was happy to make the change and fixed it on the very next print. The customer was shocked to get that part immediately.

3DEO can help you move from designing the first article to production. We are here to help you on this journey of metal 3D printing.

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