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3D printing is a new technology but we at 3DEO are old-fashioned. We believe in handshakes, phone calls, and agreements. We are transparent about what we can and cannot do. We hold ourselves accountable every step of the way — we understand that our customers business depends on us meeting our promises. We look at our work with customers as a true partnership.

Let us prove to you the quality that metal 3D printing, especially our Intelligent Layering technology, can achieve. We’ve had many customers who were shocked with our surface finish, the repeatability of our processes, the tight tolerances we can hit right out of the printer and the post-processing operations we offer.

3DEO is directly competitive today with CNC machining and metal injection molding.

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3DEO makes high quality metal components with our proprietary metal 3D printers. We specialize in manufacturing low/medium volumes on demand, which means there’s no need to worry about long lead times, minimum order quantities, or high tooling/setup costs. Request a Quote

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