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Payman Torabi is Chief Technology Officer and one of the founders of 3DEO. Watch the video to learn more about what motivated him to start 3DEO, a low-cost metal 3D printing service bureau.

Why did you start 3DEO?

Ever since he began his career, Payman always dreamed of having access to a 3D printer and hoped to make the technology accessible to all engineers. He hoped to enable all engineers to unlock their creativity and expand their minds beyond conventional manufacturing processes. This motivated him to invent a low-cost 3D printing technology and start 3DEO.

“Imagine how the industry would change if entrepreneurs and engineers had access to low cost metal 3D printing no matter how many parts they needed manufactured”

How do you make a low cost technology?

Payman says that to create a low-cost technology, he encourages engineers to stay away from expensive, high-end custom technologies. Payman was blessed to work under limited resources that taught him to be creative and look for new uses in devices and technologies that are accessible, low-cost, and reliable. Payman explains that one example of creativity is creating new combinations to perform novel things and is how 3DEO’s technology differentiates itself.

How do you feel about the culture at 3DEO?

To Payman, what differentiates 3DEO is the culture. The 3DEO team is very motivated. Culture is above everything else and defines people as human beings and as a team. 3DEO’s culture is based on respect, creativity, innovation, and hard-work. The team is goal-oriented, and that is the key to success.

The future of 3D printing

There is a lot of talk about factories of the future and industry 4.0, but very few companies are actually heading in that direction. According to Payman, 3DEO is aiming to create the platform and infrastructure necessary to take a step towards these concepts. 3DEO is implementing automation in our metal 3D printing production line, which enables 3DEO to quickly respond and adjust to customer needs. This frees our customers from being tied to specific designs and quantities.

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