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January 31, 2019

Metal 3D-Printed Surgical Instruments: Future Predictions

Few categories of manufactured goods are as well-suited to 3D printing’s strength as surgical devices. The coming years will prove that clearly. The swift and continuous improvement of 3D printing systems over the past few…
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May 23, 2018

What you need to know about the FDA’s guidelines for 3D-printed medical devices

No matter how you slice it, the spike in industry-wide 3D printing revenues over the past 5 years has been impressive. A close look at that growth, however, reveals something interesting: it’s been disproportionately driven…
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Medical DeviceMetal 3D PrintingSurgical Instruments
April 17, 2018

3D Printing is Driving Innovation in Medical Devices

Metal 3D printing continues to play a key role in driving innovation within the MedTech industry. The process has three primary advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques: Mass Customization Lower Cost in Low Volumes Design Flexibility…
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November 2, 2017

Personalization: 3D Printing’s Strategic Advantage in Medical Device Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) has a singular, strategic advantage in the medical device market: personalization. The global market for 3D-printed medical devices is expected to explode to nearly $10 billion by 2025, which represents…
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