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Every month, 3DEO hosts a monthly webinar sharing industry knowledge on all things metal additive manufacturing. Whether you are just getting started with 3D printing or are an expert, learn more about 3DEO from our webinar series.

Design Freedom & Manufacturing Flexibility: A Case Study of Metal 3D Printing

If you missed Matt’s webinar, watch it here: Design Freedom & Manufacturing Flexibility: A Case Study of Metal 3D Printing

3DEO is solving the up-front cost problem of traditional manufacturing, while achieving superior quality and surface finish in production metal 3D printing. Check out this webinar to learn more about:

  1. Design Freedom: With additive manufacturing you design for function, not manufacturing. Also, complexity is “free” with 3D printing compared to conventional manufacturing, and you can forget about draft angles, undercuts, and tool access.
  2. Manufacturing Flexibility: Additive manufacturing is really at the core of industry 4.0 and the factory of the future. Additive manufacturing is the heart of production because it’s fully integrated from end to end, it’s digitally enabled and data driven, and the fact that it’s dynamic and flexible leads to high quality and low cost.
  3. Case Study – Ergokiwi: The problems that Ergokiwi faced were 1. CNC machining was too expensive and 2. other metal 3D printing quality was poor, resulting in Ergokiwi’s inability to scale their production. 3DEO was able to provide the solution when they switched to our metal 3D printing technology.
  4. Getting Started: To successfully adopt additive manufacturing, here are some tips.
    • Understand the TRUE costs and benefits
    • Start small and contain costs to get momentum

Pros & Cons of 3D Printing Metal Components

Watch Matt’s webinar here: Pros & Cons of 3D Printing Metal Components

Like any manufacturing technology, metal 3D printing has pros and cons. There are four secrets to success in production with this exciting new technology:

  1. Realize the general pros and cons of metal 3D printing vs. traditional manufacturing
  2. Understand the different metal 3D printing processes and their advantages and disadvantages
  3. Understand which applications that are ideal for which processes
  4. Be able to build a winning business case that can carry the project into production

Metal 3D Printing in MedTech: Case Studies, Success Stories, and Getting to Production

Watch Matt’s webinar here: Metal 3D Printing in MedTech

Production with metal additive manufacturing is a completely different challenge than prototyping. If you’re interested in getting into production with metal 3D printing, there is a lot you should be aware of before you make the leap. In this webinar, Matt Sand, President of 3DEO, covers everything it takes to transition your product to production with metal additive manufacturing, including:

  • What are the benefits that metal 3D printing can bring to the medical device industry?
  • Compare the economics of additive vs. traditional manufacturing
  • Understand how cost plays a role in moving metal AM to production
  • Choosing great candidate applications for AM production
  • What are the challenges that are unique to medtech?
  • Learn more about the two biggest 3D printing success stories in medtech: Align Technology Invisalign and Siemens hearing aids.
  • How do you get started with metal 3D printing?

High-Performance Metal 3D Printing: A Metallurgical Perspective

If you missed Lance’s webinar, you can access the recording here: High-Performance Metal 3D Printing; A Metallurgical Perspective

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

  • How can companies be convinced to use metal 3D Printing in production? The focus of the webinar was on presenting the testing results of production metal 3D printed parts against both traditional manufacturing and other additively manufactured parts through typical ASTM testing methodologies including density, hardness, tensile strength, impact, and surface finish.
  • Metal 3D Printing process overview: Specific details of 3DEO’s proprietary metal 3D Printing process and how the high densification and superior material properties are achieved.
  • Step-by-step explanation of the testing methodologies used: In-depth explanation of the different testing methods used according to the ASTM standards for both as-sintered and heat treated specimens.
  • How does high density affect material properties? The testing results directly show how increased densification improve material properties for 17-4PH stainless steel well over the existing metal injection molding typical values for MPIF Standard 35.

From Powder to Product: Quality in Additive Manufacturing

Marty McGough, 3DEO’s Chief Operations Officer, discusses the challenge of quality in metal AM and how 3DEO solves the quality issue. Access the webinar here: From Powder to Product: Quality in Additive Manufacturing

  • Why quality can be difficult to achieve with metal am.
  • How achieving quality in metal am differs from other types of manufacturing.
  • How 3DEO solves the quality issue.

The True Economics of Metal AM: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Matthew Sand, President at 3DEO, walked through the fundamental cost drivers for metal AM. He discussed the often hidden costs of metal AM and how to make sure it’s a financial fit for you. Access the webinar here: The True Economics of Metal AM: What You Need To Know To Succeed

  • What are the fundamental cost drivers for metal AM?
  • Why do we mostly hear about successful applications of metal AM in the aerospace industry? Why aren’t more industries starting to leverage metal AM?
  • What are common pitfalls and hidden costs associated with metal AM?
  • How should I choose a great candidate for metal AM?
  • How do I calculate infrastructure requirements based on throughput?
  • What is the true ROI of end-to-end production in AM?
  • What’s the most successful way to get started with AM?

Metal 3D Printing Made Easy From Prototyping to Production

Matthew Petros, CEO at 3DEO, breaks down the basics of 3D printing and 3DEO’s proprietary technology. Access the webinar here: Metal 3D Printing Made Easy From Prototyping to Production

  • Why 3D Printing?
  • What is 3D Printing in Serial Production?
  • Getting Started the Easy (3DEO) Way

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